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Information about teaching on

If you would  like to teach on, please, read the general information below and then fill in the registration form.

If you want to see what the format of your teacher's site would look like,

click here to take a look at Nadja Nevolovitsch on our teachers's site.


It will also show what would be the information and policy for the pupils.

Thank you! 

Teaching platform: online via Skype or Zoom.  If you need help with this, we can give you technical support.

Teaching schedule: we will arrange the first lesson  and after that, the teacher and the pupil will agree on the following lesson's schedule. 

What our website offers:

- online one to one lessons

- online masterclasses 

- several kinds of musical education products 

- office type communication: arranging pupils, arrange payments, advertisements, technical support, help to solve work related issues

Private one to one lessons:   

- 60-minute lessons (unless otherwise agreed with the teacher)

- If you need  advice on teaching online, our experienced team can help you through the first steps. If you are experienced, we are happy to hear your advice / helping comments on it.

Online  masterclasses:   

- 6 -day-long with maximum 6 participants in group lesson format: with one active participant at a time and the others are passive listeners. Very similar as to the normal live masterclasses. 

- Generally  6-7 hours tuition per day. 

- At the end of the masterclass an online pre-recorded concert. The online concert will be recorded individually by the pupils and than edited by our professional sound engineer and than we publish it online.

- We also provide an assistant who also musician, and help  to communicate in the background. 

Several kinds of musical education products: we are planning to sell

- piano accompaniments for  musicians (e.g. concerto and other music background tracks)

- musical education support videos (e.g. whole advisory finger methods for a concerto)

- musical goods (e.g. recorder or music score cases)

- we welcome your suggested products or ideas as well. Details to be agreed.


- lesson payments: The teacher decides his/her  hourly rate, and on top of it we will add our fee, which is  20 %.  

- masterclasses payments:  depending on the masterclass.  Details to be agreed.

- We pay on a monthly basis. Please, send us your invoice by the 1st of the month, and we will transfer your payment by the 5th of the same month. 

Lesson cancellation: If you need cancel a lesson, please rearrange it with the pupil before the lesson time. If the lesson has not been rearranged is not going to be paid for. If you are not able communicate with your pupil,  than let us know  and we will rearrange it for you. 


Further information: If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Thank you very much for your interest to be part of  our musical team! 

Registration form
Registration for teaching on

To register, please take time to fill in the information below. When we received your registration we will contact you as soon as possible. All of the details, which are not included below,  we can discuss about it of course or by email or in phone.

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