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Marton Felszeghy

The 5 Methods' System 

Body & Soul

Exercises for Musicians

For your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing


Pilates - Kung Fu - Chi Kung -Tai Chi – Meditation


My name is Marton Felszeghy. I am a certified naturopath specialized in acupressure, Chinese massage (Tui Na) based on Chinese Medicine. I am also a certified Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher and a Pilates instructor. I have been practicing Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Qi Gong since 2001, and have been teaching Tai Chi since 2005 in Hungary, Germany and England. 

I am also working as a professional musician (guitarist and singer).

After over a decade of research and practice, I have developed a multidisciplinary approach, called The 5 Methods' system, that trains the body, the energy system, and the mind.


The 5 Methods include exercises and practices of:

Pilates, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Meditation. 



Why did I create The 5 Methods' System?

At the age of 17 I was a lead guitarist in a successful Hungarian rock band. But after a year of playing, I suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome. It was so extreme that my right arm atrophied and I could no longer play the guitar. I had to have an operation. Having lost my playing career and all that I had been working towards, I suffered from profound depression. A dear friend told me that Tai Chi may help my hand. Tai Chi indeed, did help my hand and arm to recover, but maybe even more importantly, it helped me emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It led me out of depression and opened a new world for me. Experiencing the smooth energy flow in Tai Chi helped me with my musical flow in terms of creativity and performance. I now, thankfully, play music again on my own and in various bands.


After Tai Chi had revolutionized my life, I went on to become a Tai Chi teacher and later I explored other disciplines: Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Meditation and Pilates, and found that they each offered something unique. These are all body-soul-mind harmonizing practices but each one with a different focus. Generally speaking, all these 5 disciplines have a certain focus, however, they don't address certain areas. But together they support and complement each other perfectly, and address the whole being. I took the essence of each discipline, and put it in a manageable time frame of 60 minutes that can be used by everyone for their greater physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.


○ Pilates and Kung Fu are based primarily on the body (structure and dynamic movements). 

○ Qi Gong and Tai Chi focus on recharge, flow and circulation of the vital energy. 

○ Meditation harmonizes, calms and trains the mind.



Why is it especially beneficial for musicians?


-       It promotes a healthy posture and strong stamina, thus preventing many physical issues, e. g. lower back pain, frozen shoulder, etc.

-       It aids in realignment of the body for instruments where there is asymmetry due to repetitive, one-sided movements (e.g. violin)

-       The increased circulation of blood and energy gives you a energized feeling in your body for those long rehearsals and performances

-       Body awareness improves your stage presence; gives you greater control over your muscular and skeletal system; improves your reflexes. You can relax or focus in an instant if needed and, you can improve your technique more efficiently

-       Experiencing the flow of the physical movements improves the flow of energy that can directly influence the musical performance.

-       It leads to a clear and calm mind and better mental and spiritual wellbeing. It helps you find clarity, positive outlook, connects you with your intuition and tunes you into your musical wisdom. On top of all that, prevents you from stage fright!



What happens in a session of The 5 Methods' System?


The 5 Methods' System session starts with:

1. Pilates exercises: that help develop a good physical structure and posture. These give strength, flexibility and realignment to the whole body, therefore help preventing injuries, joint problems and various pains due to misalignment, e.g. lower back pain, frozen shoulder, etc.

2. Kung Fu: we continue with the dynamic movements of Kung Fu, which, in this system, we use as a harmonious and joyful cardio exercise, not the combat aspect of it. These exercises are  good for the heart and lungs, increase blood flow and circulation, and also help reduce stress and promote happiness. 

3. The Qi Gong exercises are simple movements that are easy to learn. They help access your inner energy, harmonize its flow, recharge your batteries by filling up the bodily structure with vital energy, heal and relax. 

4. Tai Chi: During the slow flowing and mindful motion of Tai Chi you experience the pleasant flow of inner energy waves. It is shown to improve the cardiovascular system; physical and energy balance; nervous system; bone density and promotes psychological wellbeing.

5. Meditation: We finish the session with a short practice of relaxation and meditation to calm the mind, awaken the spirit and settle the refined energy.


Online lessons

with Marton Felszeghy


Venue: All sessions are group sessions and held online, via Zoom, in English language. 

I will send out the Zoom invitation link to your email address, and you just need to click on it. For those less confident with Zoom, I will hold a Zoom practice beforehand.

Online group lessons  available schedule: 

In Central European Time Zone at: 

Every Monday:  7.30pm 

Every Wednesday:  10.30am

Every Thursday:  6.30pm

Every Friday: 9.30am


Online private lessons available schedule: 

For private  lessons please contact us for available times slots.

Languages of tuition would be: English  (on request Hungarian)

Prices and conditions:

Group lessons:  

The first 60  minutes online lesson:  15 Euro 

5 hour online lesson (60 minutes each) : 75 Euro

10 hour online lesson (60 minutes each) : 140 Euro

For private lessons prices please contact us.


We will send you all the payment information when we received your registration, and our teacher accepted you as a student.

The possible methods of payment are: Paypal, Credit and Debit Card, Bank Transfer.

How to apply:

If you are interested, please fill in the following booking form. 

When we received your application, we will answer you within 2 days with all the information you need, including payment details. 

See registration form below.   

Online lesson and masterclass policy: 

Lesson cancellation and refund:

There is no refund on unused or cancelled lessons, but it is possible to rearrange the lesson time. If you need to cancel your lesson, let us know at least 24 hours prior. Then we can re-arrange it to a later suitable time. If you don’t cancel the lesson within 24 hours, then the payment is non-refundable.

How can I progress? How many sessions do I need to reach a confident level of home practice?

Five 60-minute sessions are enough to achieve confidence. During this time we will practice diligently together, and you gain confidence to do a basic routine safely on your own. At the end of these 5 sessions you will get a video and practice notes to support your home practice. That practice will be about 50 minutes long and are the basics of The 5 Method System.

I suggest one session weekly, but if you are very enthusiastic and have time, you can attend two a week. After 5 sessions you will have the basics upon which we can progress to more complex levels in every discipline. Most of my pupils continue to come to my weekly classes as they enjoy the supervised progress in group. Time to time I provide practice videos and notes to support your further home practice. 


If you have serious problems in your cardiovascular, nervous or musculoskeletal system, ask your doctor's advice before trying these exercises. It is your responsibility to check with your doctor. 


Age restriction:

If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must give a signed grant permission for the lessons  (documents will be sent by email), and your parent/guardian must be there with you on the 1st lesson. 


Registration form
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